When Mama’s Sick…

I’ve had a sore throat all week and felt generally miserable.  Blech.

I have still managed to…

  • Iron hubby’s work clothes every morning.
  • Do school with my children.
  • Wash a load of towels, because they were desperately needed.
  • Cook dinner every night… well, except for one when I decided to have Chinese food delivered instead.
  • Read my Bible daily.

I have not…

  • Exercised (no surprise there).
  • Done any other laundry besides the load of towels.
  • Gone anywhere.  Not even to Sonic.
  • Put on any makeup (nothing new, actually).
  • Made my bed (okay, you got me, that’s nothing new either).

In addition, I have…

  • Sat around reading The Complete Sherlock Holmes a lot.  
  • Taken 3 naps this week.  Rare.
  • Drank my weight in hot tea and coffee, hoping it would help my throat.
  • Been reflective.
  • Practiced extreme patience with my girls, succeeding maybe 60-70% of the time.


What do you do on Mommy Sick Days?

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