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I know that mostly all I’ve blogged about has been running and gardening lately, and I apologize.  But, since they are my two current obsessions, I don’t have a lot of other things pressing in my mind fueling interesting blog posts.  So, you “get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”.  After all, I am the co-boss of my blog.

I have shared that I’ve been “striving” to lose weight this year.  The “after the holidays” step on the scale was BAD.  According to the scales, I needed to lose 60 lbs. to achieve my “healthy weight” for my height.   It was humbling.  That and the fact that hubby (who had been losing for 6 months by now) was now only 50 lbs. heavier than me… well, that apparently was the motivation I needed.  I started the Couch to 5K program, and I started eating healthier.  Not dieting, per se, but counting calories.  I’ve shared before that I use the “MyFitnessPal” app.  I cannot say enough good things about it.  First of all, its database of foods is awesome — I hardly ever type in a food that it can’t find.  It has the ability to put in your own recipes and figure the calorie content, AND – get this – you can just SCAN a food label/barcode with your phone and it just plops the calorie information into your phone.  WAY.  COOL.  Another thing I like about the app is the social side… you can have friends within the app, and it tracks everyone’s progress on your wall.  Not the actual weight NUMBERS mind you (because we all know we don’t always want to share those!), but meeting daily goals, exercise, and # of pounds lost:

It also gives you a visual of your weight-loss progress.  Forgive me, I am still not feeling “real” enough to not blur out the numbers.

I love the accountability of writing it all down.  It really makes you stop and think, “Is it really worth it if I eat so-and-so?”  The funny thing is, I am eating a lot less, but I don’t feel deprived.  I’ve been eating a TON of yummy, healthy, fresh vegetables.  Roasted veggies are my new favorite food.  I don’t even really miss the “bad” food – not that I deprive myself from the things I want now and then, I just eat them in moderation.  When we do go out to eat and I tend to over-indulge, I don’t even enjoy it, and I usually feel terrible afterward.  Not guilty, terrible, but just yucky, like in the pit of my tummy.  It’s like my stomach has become accustomed to the more healthy way of eating, and it doesn’t like it when I deviate from this new norm.

The other half of the weight loss equation is activity.  Running (well, more appropriately, jogging) has become another norm in my life as of late.  It’s definitely a love-hate relationship.  I look forward to heading to the track and getting my run underway, but then I hate it the whole time I am running.  I have constant conversations in my head trying to talk myself out of it, and on the flip side, to not give up and stick with it.

The other day, I went to the track with Papa Tutu.  I had told him I wanted to run three miles straight, which I’ve done once before, but not often, and he agreed to run with me instead of us each doing our own thing.  By the middle of the first lap, my head was already telling me I didn’t really want to do three miles.  I made it through the first mile and lap 5, but on the 6th lap, I just had to slow down for a minute and walk.  I kind of walked off and on during that second mile, apologizing to my husband, saying all kinds of ugly things to myself and aloud about being a quitter.  He didn’t push or act negative at all, he just slowly jogged beside me and told me it was okay and was supportive.  I told him to go on ahead, that I was holding him back too much, but he stuck with me.  I finally pushed my way through the last mile, only walking one small stretch of the curve during one of the laps.  I didn’t run the entire three miles, but I did finish them.

One tool I’ve come to love in this running game is another app, Endomondo (the free version).  You run the program during your run, and it tracks everything for you.  GPS, miles, calories, lap times, total times, even where your fastest jogging rate was.  If you log in to their website, it will even show you on a map your run and where in your run your fastest km, mile, 5 km, etc was.  It puts a cute little tortoise and hare by your fastest/slowest laps.  Here was the day I beat my personal best for 1 mile:

It also gives you all sorts of info about your run:

Yesterday I bought a couple of t-shirts on sale from Old Navy.  They were size “M”.  And they FIT.  I can’t remember the last time anything sized “medium” fit me.  It was quite a silent happy dance moment.  Since January, I have lost 20 pounds.  I am 1/3 of the way toward my target “healthy” weight.  My pants are beginning to feel a little loose, and that’s a good feeling. I have years of experience with the “ups and downs” of my weight.  I feel though, that I’m just finally at that point.  I am tired of feeling tired, lazy & unhealthy.  I want to be fit, and have the energy to be able to keep up with my kids and hopefully someday my grandkids.  I want to feel attractive, to lose the 6 year old “baby belly”, to  not cringe when I step on the scale at the doctor’s office each year.  I know it took me a long time to get to this point, and I don’t expect to lose it overnight.  But I think I’m on my way, and that feels good.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying my new healthy life… a change for the better.

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