The Fall Garden

Woo Hoo!  That cool air met me this morning when I opened the back door.  It almost feels like FALL around here!

So… in honor of FALL, I thought I’d share with you some new pictures of the fall garden.  So without further ado…

The tomatoes are growing well.  They are well over 2 feet tall already and all looking healthy.

Another view of the tomatoes:

As I think I mentioned before, I am growing two plants each of several different varieties of new-to-me heirloom tomatoes.  I’m trying to see which ones I like and grow well.

Here we have some squash, both yellow crookneck & zucchini, along with that large clump of radishes in the middle to help keep pests away, and a small row of borage at the top of the screen there before you reach the garden edge:

Also, we have some Roma Bush Beans:

And plenty of herbs.  The basil has exploded… look at all the baby basil!

And here are some turnip seeds I planted this past weekend.  Can you believe these tiny things grow into big turnips?  Well, at least I hope they will!

Other things planted but not shown:

Green Leaf Lettuce
Red Leaf Lettuce
Brussels Sprouts
Jalapenos ~ still left over from Spring and producing like crazy
Red Potatoes (in a pot)

And not yet planted — beets.  I’ll plant them a little later.

So far, so good, with no major issues.  Let’s hope things stay that way!  :)

~Mama Tutu

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