The Blue Moon

Whenever I hear the term “blue moon” I start hearing the following lyrics in my head…

Many a new day will dawn —
Many a red sun will set —
Many a blue moon will shine
Before I do!

Name that musical!

So, I got up early this morning.  I wasn’t planning to, but since I’ve been waking at 6:15 every morning for two weeks to go walk/jog, my body thought I didn’t need a Saturday to sleep in.  My husband was getting up early to go run with a friend over the Kemah bridge anyway (he’s training for THIS series of runs), and I saw the pretty full moon shining through my window.  Remembering it was a ‘rare’ blue moon, I decided to go ahead and get up, get out the tripod and trek to the backyard.

This was my final image.  Not too shabby, eh?

What?  You didn’t know blue moons were really blue?

Well they are when you add a pretty blue tint in Photoshop.

Okay, okay, here was the “real” version:

It’s pretty too.  I was just going with the whole Blue Moon theme… it only happens every 2.7 years, you know.

So, do you have Oklahoma lyrics running around in your head yet?

Oh, it’s just me?

Okay then.

Glad we had this conversation.

So which photo do you prefer?  The blue blue moon, or the real blue moon?

~Mama Tutu, who obviously has too much time on her hands today.

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