Taxonomy in Action

This year, my two younger girls are studying Botany.  One of their first activities was after a lesson on Taxonomy, the dividing up op plants into groups and naming each group.  Their job was to collect one shoe from each pair of shoes in the house and to classify them into kingdom, phylum, class, and order…

Excuse my youngest’s crazy face.  She would make great material for a heroine in a children’s book.

Back to Botany.  Their 4 major kingdoms became: Dress Shoes, Casual Shoes, Boots and Tennis Shoes.

They continued dividing the groups into smaller groups…

There was much debating, sorting and recording…

Here are some Kingdom: Boots, Phylum: Designed

And some Kingdom: Dress Shoes, Phylum: Black Shoes, Class: Heel, Order: No back:

And for the record, only one of those is mine… my child’s feet are getting WAY too big!

These are Kingdom Tennis Shoes, Phylum Girls, Class: Laces, Order: Light Colored:

Didn’t they do a good job?  I thought it was a great little lesson to help teach classification.  Here’s the final Taxonomy Chart:

Having fun with learning!  ~Mama Tutu


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