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Parenting Teenagers is Hard.

I love my teenagers.  They are fun, and I love spending time hanging out with them.  When it comes to parenting teenagers, there’s a learning curve.  I’m still the parent.  And I still have the responsibility to protect my children and provide guidelines for them that help them make good choices.  Soon, though, they will be on their own […]

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Too Weird??

Today, I let my 8 year old go next door to play Minecraft with our neighbor’s grandson. Usually, they play at our house which makes me way more comfortable. I let him go over there for 45 minutes. A couple of times during this 45 minutes, the boys came knocking on our door. The first […]

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Happily Ever After………and other myths

Happily Ever After………and other myths

Updated 1/25/2013: When I wrote this 2 years ago, I had no idea that 2 weeks later I would find out that I was pregnant with Micah who was born in September of 2011. We also adopted our Gaige and James that year. It was an awesome year!    When I was younger, pre -Mrs. […]

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Life with Two Toddlers: A Photo-Journal

Life with Two Toddlers: A Photo-Journal

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Foster Momma

On June 17th, 2009, Ryan and I started our journey as foster parents. That day, a little one year old girl was placed with us. She only needed to be in our home for 18 hours, but we enjoyed every minute. Three days later, Little G came to us at 3 months old. Little G […]

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The Tutus Side of "Trains & Tutus"

When my first daughter was born, she had her daddy’s olive skin, dark brown eyes and brown hair.  When #2 came along, we expected something similar, but here she came with fair skin, blue eyes and a ton of blonde hair!  We were shocked! Shortly thereafter, we were given an unexpected blessing in daughter #3. […]

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