Stunted Squash and other Garden Updates

So, this is the current state of my garden.  I’m realizing in retrospect that I should have put the garden in a different spot in the yard.  It was a nice, sunny spot when we dug it… but I failed to consider that the tree would have LEAVES on it in the spring/summer and now the garden is shaded for 60% of the day.

So, my current major concern are the squash plants.  (At the bottom of this picture):

Do you see how small they are?  I planted all three types of squash at the same time.  The spaghetti squash (the one that gets the most sun), seems to be doing pretty well.  In fact, here’s a female bloom… hoping it turns into a squash!

The zucchini leaves are pretty big, but I have had absolutely NO fruit on these two plants.  So, I don’t know what to think.  They’re about 5x the size of the yellow squash, which already beginning to show signs of little yellow squash.  Which brings me to my next concern.

The yellow squash.

They’re TINY plants.  I was in my Dad’s garden yesterday, and his squash, which he planted from seed AFTER I planted mine from seed are HUGE.  Compared to mine they’re like Goliath to my Davids.  I’m wondering if I should uproot mine, put them in a big container, and move them to a part of the yard that gets sun, because they just are not growing!  Then we have this problem…

The baby squash are shriveling up and dying.  Even though I tried to hand pollinate, it doesn’t look good for these two.  *SIGH*  Someone just tell me what to do!!  I have heard how easy it is to grow squash and that they’re just massive producers.  I’m still waiting.

Cucumbers are doing okay.  Some grow, some don’t.

My middle child took the above picture.  Didn’t she do a good job?  Here she is in action…

I have ADORABLE little peppers beginning to sprout.  These are mild jalapenos.

And I have a ton of cute little Roma tomatoes…

And finally a few “Big Boys”…

My lettuce have started growing again.  It seemed for a while their growth was stunted too.

The green bean plants are doing okay too.  Not great, but okay.  I realized if I was ever going to get enough beans to cook at once for a meal, I was going to need a lot more bean plants, so I planted another dozen seeds… about half of them have come up so far.

Here’s one of two okra that are growing…  I’m sure this one will never make it to a plate, because as soon as it’s large enough, my eldest will grab it up and eat it raw.

And here is one of our beautiful morning glories, growing on the bean teepee.  This is straight out of the camera, by the way.  No color editing.  Beautiful.

Last but not least, my compost pile.  I’m told gardeners should have these.  I’m working on mine for next year.  It seems to be doing pretty good.  (Photo by the cute blonde):

So, that’s the garden update for the week or so.  Any input on my squash dilemma would be greatly appreciated.  Oh, and you may have noticed in this picture…

… I strung some old CDs up on a line above my tomato plants.  I’ve had several blue jays and mocking birds pecking around on the ground out there, so I knew they were potential troublemakers for when my tomatoes started to ripen.  So far, the CDs seems to have the desired result.  I haven’t seen as many of the birds hanging around.

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2 Responses to Stunted Squash and other Garden Updates

  1. Kathy May 24, 2011 at 7:08 pm #

    looks like a squash rot. Just pluck off the bad ones and that will encourage new blooms. Sometimes it is caused by uneven watering….you know you get a bunch of rain and then none and you have to use the city water. Sometimes it is a lack of calcium in the soil. My daddy would save egg shells and crush them up and add them to the soil when he planted tomatoes and squash. I noticed you have a compost bin…try adding your old egg shells to it for next year! I just twist off the ugly ones and wait for the good ones. It’s looking good for your first year. The amount of sun does effect squash a lot. On one end of my garden I have big plants and on the other end…not so big! Uprooting them now may be to traumatizing for them.

    • Laura May 24, 2011 at 9:26 pm #

      Thanks Kathy, I noticed there are ants in the squash blooms. Do you think they have any impact on the growth?

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