Have you ever had a wake up call?  One where you just felt like you had been slapped in the face?  I had a similar experience this summer. Our family took a wonderful road trip and slowed down our pace of life for 2 weeks.  It was like a taste of what we’ve been missing.  My children were electronics-free and had so much fun playing simple games such as hoops and sticks:

We spent some time in Amish country. The pace of life was much slower, more purposeful.

We were given a life-lesson on how to take time to enjoy the little things.

And I was convicted.  I realize how FAST we move.  How busy our family is.  How much time we waste in front of the tv and other electronic devices.  I lived without my computer for two whole weeks.  Can you believe it?  TWO WHOLE WEEKS.  Granted, I still had my iphone, and probably did check facebook daily, but being without a computer was a big change for me.  A good change.

Since then, we’ve made some changes.  We’re still not where I aspire to be, but I’m trying very hard to focus on what’s important ~ My relationship with my children, my spouse, and most importantly, my God.  And even though it may be difficult, and it’s a daily challenge, I still am trying to live more simply.  I want to manage better the things God has given me – most specifically my time, my money, and my household.  So, am I ready to become Amish, work for my living and live without the modern conveniences such as electricity?  Not quite.  But I do think there are things I can do to live a more simple life.  And I challenge you to hold me to them and join me for the ride.

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