Shaving Cream Art

I am not an overly crafty mama, so when my youngest wanted an “Art Party” for her birthday this year, I headed to Pinterest for some easy art ideas.

This was one of the projects I found online somewhere… and would you believe, I didn’t pin it, so I’m not sure where the original source was.  Sorry!!

So, you fill a 9×13 pan or something similar with shaving cream.


The kids enjoyed “spreading it out.”

Next, you drop some food coloring on the shaving cream…

sc2Then swirl it around with a toothpick.  We did a little too much swirling with this one.  We learned later, that less is more.

sc3Anyway, after you have it swirled, you lay a piece of cardstock or art paper face down onto the shaving cream, pressing down to make sure it covers the entire paper.  This is what it looked like when it came out…


Next scrape off the shaving cream.  I used one of those fancy pampered chef scraper thingies that I have but never use.  You could also use a plastic ruler, or even a piece of thick junk-mail.


You’re left with some abstract art!  It’s interesting to do it several times and see how different each piece is!

Happy Mess-making!  ~Mama Tutu


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