Photo Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday was my birthday.  To do something fun, the girls and I spent all day on a photo scavenger hunt.  It was so much fun!!  We spent the entire day out and about all over the Houston area hunting for the things on our list (below).  I asked the girls for two gifts:  that they would wear matching or coordinated clothes for our outing, and that they would all get along with no arguing for the day!  They obliged, and we had so much fun.

Our list (link to pics at the end):

Your entire team simultaneously drinking from the same soda can with straws.
Something that begins with the letter Z.
All group members in a tree.
Animal tracks
Group photo standing on railroad tracks
Group members mimicking a statue.
One group member smelling a flower.
A restaurant menu.
Group members sitting on a wall.
A picture of all group making a funny face.
A picture of group members lying on the grass making some kind of shape/letter.
A picture of group members on the slide.
A picture of the entire group (including photographer)
A human pyramid
Hay bale
The funniest thing you can find.
Do exactly what the sign says (any sign will work).
Capture your reflections in an unusual place (no mirrors!).
Make yourselves appear really small.
ALL group members in a super tight spot.  (“I can’t believe we all fit in here!”)
Can you find us? Photo (think iSpy).
Group members with a cactus
One photo with all these colors in it:  red, green, blue, yellow
Picture with an animal (the more unusual the better).
A historical marker
Entire team sitting in a chair together (no sofas).
Entire team in a group hug.
A picture of a pool.
A teammate playing with a pinball machine
Someone playing a musical instrument
American Flag
A butterfly
A cloud that looks like an animal
A cute baby.
Someone on your team getting a drink from a water fountain while someone else is riding piggyback on their back
A teammate hanging upside-down on the monkey bars
At least one teammate jumping off a swing (he/she must be in mid-air)
Entire team reading books
Entire team jumping (everyone must be in mid-air)
A picture of 5 different types of things that are green.
Something filled with water.
Clock Tower
Fire Hydrant
Coins in a fountain
The name “ODOM” spelled with things other than letters!

Instead of putting all the pictures in a blog post, I uploaded them all to an album HERE.  Let me know what you think of the results!!

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  1. debi Kirksey July 29, 2011 at 9:02 am #

    How did you do all this is one day? It looks like so much fun. I took a glance at your fun photos too! Remind me to ask you about Google +

    Keep celebrating!

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