Petting My Fabric

Some people have cats. Some people have dogs. Me? I have my fabric. And with the start of our homeschool year, I had a “moment” this week where I just needed a little therapy session.


Therapy for me is getting out my fabric box. I look at my fabric. I pet my fabric. I dream about making stuff with my fabric. And slowly, but surely, my blood pressure begins to level out.

Speaking of fabric…..

I started this thing with my boys that when they are four years old they get a handmade quilt by me. It has worked out pretty well except I have TWO four year olds right now. I made Gaige’s quilt this past spring, but in July, James turned four. So now its time to make another quilt!

So, I’ve been shopping around for the perfect theme for James’ quilt. I’ve found some great possibilities over at I am leaning towards a Star Wars quilt or a spaceship/robot quilt. has several great possibilities for both of these ideas. I love that they have the fabric grouped by designer, theme, type of fabric, etc. They also have a design wall! So awesome. And, right now you can get FREE SHIPPING on orders $35+ from

Free Shipping on orders $35+


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