Papa Train’s Banana Pudding

Just when you think your man can’t get any better………….he goes and creates THE BEST banana pudding recipe EVER! Don’t get me wrong; I was a tad bit skeptical when he told me he wanted to put white and dark chocolate into banana pudding. But, when your man wants to make you a dessert with EXTRA chocolate; You. Let. Him.

I know it’s fall and all; but you must not wait until next summer to make this. Make it today. You won’t be sorry. I promise.


Papa Train’s Banana Pudding


7-10 – Bananas

1 – 5oz package instant vanilla pudding mix

1 – 12 oz container of whipped topping

1 – 12 oz box of vanilla wafers

2 – Cups cold milk

1 – 14oz can sweetened condensed milk

1 – tablespoon vanilla extract

1 – bar of white chocolate (divided)

1 – bar of milk or dark chocolate (divided)



In a large mixing bowl mix pudding mix, milk and sweetened condensed milk until smooth. Stir in vanilla slowly.  Fold in whipped topping. Chop 2 squares(1/4 of a bar)of white chocolate and 1 square (1/8 of a bar) of milk or dark chocolate into small chunks. Mix chocolate chunks into pudding. Slice bananas and finely grate some of the remaining chocolate.  Create a layer of wafers and then banana slices. Sprinkle the bananas with grated chocolate. Pour a thin layer of pudding mixture.  Repeat layers. Cover top with wafers and grated chocolate.  Chill until ready to serve.

~Mama Train



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