Vlog: Making Fruit Crunch

Mama Tutu shares a quick and easy dessert recipe.  (Recipe HERE).

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31 Days of Menu Planning: Week 1 Meal Plan + Grocery List

Hey guys!  Here is the first of several meal plans I’ll be providing for you this month.  This is a “tried and true” plan that I have used myself.  It has a list of meals with instructions and/or links, and then a grocery list at the bottom.  Enjoy! Week 1 Meal Plan Sunday – Deli […]

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31 Days of Menu Planning: Picky Eaters

So, here’s the question one might be thinking:  “All this meal plan stuff is fine and good, but my child won’t eat anything except chicken nuggets and/or mac and cheese, so what’s the point?”  Honey believe me, I feel your pain!  My youngest child has a ton of food allergies and just as many foods […]

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Tableside Guacamole

I mentioned in one of my Monday Musings posts that we’ve been eating a lot of guacamole lately.  Here I show you how I make it, and talk about some of this week’s Happy Mail. You can buy a copy of the “Wonderful God” album at acappella.org.

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Crock Pot Wednesday

Hey friends!  Just thought I’d invite you into the kitchen for a little chat while I prepared my Pot Roast this morning!  Pour yourself a cuppa and join me.

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31 Days of Meal Planning – Thematic Planning

Hey guys!  We’re getting to the fun part! Themes are a great way to approach meal planning, and there are a lot of ways to do this.  If you’re planning for a month, it takes some of the thinking out of the way if you decide ahead of time that each day will have a […]

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31 Days of Menu Planning: Choosing Meals

So, you’re looking at a blank week, and you have an idea of what’s on sale this week and now it’s time to sit down and plan.  How do you decide what recipes to use? Keep it Simple The best advice I can give you is not to overthink.  Keep things simple.  One pot meals […]

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Monday Musings

Isn’t it amazing how having people in your house makes it feel more like home?  We’ve been blessed with several visitors lately, and I love it!  My dad came up for a couple of days, my in-laws were here this past weekend, and guess who came for dinner one night while they were on their […]

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31 Days of Meal Planning: Where to Start?

So, you’ve decided that you’re going to take your week by the reigns and start planning.  You’re staring at a blank calendar in front of you and are beginning to feel overwhelmed.  What comes next?  What will prevent you from throwing in the towel? Start Small You may be so excited that you want to […]

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31 Days of Meal Planning: Why Meal Plan?

Hey friends!  I’m joining the fellowship of ladies at write31days.com and committing to write one blog post for each day in October.  Every year when I begin thinking of a topic I could write about for 31 days in a row, I ask what’s something that either a) I have a passion for or b) […]

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