One Day 2014: An Instagram Photo Challenge

Yesterday, I joined the Hollywood Housewife for a photo challenge called “One Day.”  The premise was basically to document in photos — the mundane, the big, the little, the messy, the “real” from morning to night for one day.  We used the tag #OneDayHH to keep up with everyone’s pictures — I challenge you to go take a look at the hashtag on your Instagram feed.  It was a fun little project.

Here are my photos (with explanations below):


1.  Rise & Shine.  Let’s do this!
2.  My kitties always think they need to be fed immediately upon my getting out of bed.
3.  School lunch prep.
4.  Last minute homework check.
5.  Ahh… coffee.
6.  I pass this little field every morning, and it’s frequently covered in a eerie mist.  I keep meaning to come photograph it with my good camera.  A shot from the road will have to do for today.
7.  Drop off #2.
8.  A little photo editing for a shoot I did for our New Baby ministry at church.
9.  Gym.  Met with the trainer today.  We worked on back/core.
10.  Looking for googly eyes at Walmart for a cake I’m making tomorrow.
11. Time for a little blogging.  Trying to get a few posts of my 31 days done ahead of time, because this weekend is going to be busy.
12.  Kevin worked from home today, so I thought we’d have a nice little walk to go pick up C from school.  However he was on a business call the whole time.  Sigh.
13.  On the way home.
14.  Always, there is laundry.
15.  Doing homework.
16.  My teen beauty shows me some loot she got at Walgreens with her Lita.
17.  Chop chop.  Dinner prep.
18.  Reading in the car line.  One of my favorite places to read, because it’s quiet!
19.  A rare moment of harmony when they were all sitting at the table busy with various projects.
20.  My crazy girl and the cat.
21.  Praise Team practice
22.  Dishwasher — I load and unload this thing multiple times a day.
23.  Working on a KBP flyer.
24.  Cakes out of the oven to decorate tomorrow for my nephew’s 3rd birthday!
25.  I’m the only one still up.  Goodnight Instagram!

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