One Bite at a Time ~ Week 6 and then some.

So, I’ve been somewhat neglect in posting about my adventures with the “One Bite at a Time” book – 52 steps to simpler living.  Honestly, I got a little stuck, because I decided the next step would have something to do with my closet, and that’s not going so well…

But, there are things I have been doing that are “on the list” and I thought I’d share some of those with you.

Week 6 ~ Start a Garden ~ There is just something gratifying about growing your own food.  If you’re a regular reader here on the blog, you know I have a love-hate relationship with this one.  I did start a garden last year, and it’s had its fair share of challenges.  (There are lots of posts about it here on the blog, my most recent is HERE).

Week 7 ~ Clean your kitchen as you cook.  This is one of those little things you can do that makes a big difference.  A sink full of dirty dishes staring up at you is overwhelming.  When you take care of things little by little as you cook, that sink of dishes isn’t quite so daunting when it’s time to clean up after dinner.

Week 8 ~ Switch to gentle, eco-friendly hair care.  I first told you about my hair care routine HERE.  I followed this pretty much constantly for about 7 months.  In the past couple of months, I have been a little lazy, adding in shampoo every now and then just because I didn’t feel like going to the kitchen and mixing my “hair cocktail”.  I know, I know… lazy… but I’m just keeping it real.  The fact is, my hair is just as clean if not more healthy than usual when I’m sticking to my “no shampoo” routine, and I like that I’m not using chemicals on my head.

Week 9 ~ Make a compost bin.  Check.  This is one of those gardening things I have done that has worked.  My compost is looking quite good and I look forward to being able to use it on my garden in the Spring.

Week 10 ~ Find a hobby and be a lifelong learner.  Having a hobby is not something I have trouble with – the trouble comes in finding time to participate in it.  Lately, I’ve been on a crochet kick.  I finished a blanket I started *ahem* over 20 years ago, and have been making some homemade Christmas gifts this year.  (Can’t post them, of course, but will do so after the holidays).


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