One Bite at a Time ~ Week 4

So, for week four in my 52 Step Challenge, I chose the step, “Create a Daily To-Do List.”  I’ve actually done the household notebook thing before, and last time it fell by the wayside.  However, I am determined to give it another go, so I spent several days planning, printing and assembling ($3 at Office Depot to spiral bound), and I now have my “handy dandy notebook:”  I printed enough sheets to get me through the end of December, so that if something’s not working, I can re-evaluate for the new year.

I put sticky tabs down the side, so I can move them as I go through the daily sheets.  My categories are “Projects”, “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Budget”, “Meals”, “Meals & Groceries”, “Garden” and “Blog”.  I also started the notebook with a birthday/appointment calendar, but since that is at the beginning, I didn’t need a tab.

The Daily To-Do list is at the heart of the household notebook.  I found this one online (all links to resources are at the bottom of this post), and tweaked it a little to include specific tasks under the “Dailies” section, a “Today’s Blessings” and “Today’s Study” sections.  I printed front and back for these to save paper.

Next I have a weekly/monthly checklist for housecleaning.  There are lots of these online.  I just took from the best and customized the list to be my own:

There’s a section for weekly meal planning and grocery lists:

And a section for “projects” and “fun”.  This includes my OneBite project, a 40 Bags in 40 Days checklist, 101 Bits of Autumn Fun, Ways to Play, Photo Checklists, and Birthday and Holiday Planning sheets.

So, that’s the notebook!  I’m pleased with the way it turned out, and so far so good on using it.  I’ll be sure to give you an update in a month or two to let you know how it’s working for me.  If it’s going well, I’m actually considering doing notebooks for my girls too.

What about you?  How do you stay organized?

As promised, here are my resources for all sorts of printables:

Life’s a Journal – I took her daily page and adjusted it a little in PS Elements.
Ollibird Blog
Little Lucy Lu – Adapted this 40 Bags in 40 Days decluttering chart
101 Bits of Autumn Fun
Ways to Play Downloads by Month
The Household Planner – Budget Worksheets
Life As Mom
Blog Topics by Perideau Designs
10 Can’t Miss Photos to take Each Month by Creating Keepsakes
5-Dollar Dinners – Garden Planner Worksheets
Executive Homemaker – Lots of Printables, I specifically used some of the holiday ones.

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  1. Sam @ Sam's Noggin October 22, 2011 at 5:23 pm #

    Great Notebook!! I love the photo ideas for a year. :) Thanks for linking up!

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