Oh. My. Flatbread.

So, Papa Train and I are trying to eat cleanER. That means no refined flour. Did I mention I love all things bread? Sigh.

Luckily for me, I came across THIS recipe for Homemade Whole-Wheat Flatbreads by Amanda(what an awesome name!) at The Taste Tester.

Nothing could have prepared me for how stinkin’ good these little flat pieces of whole-wheat yumminess could be.  Way better than anything you could find at the store. They don’t crumble when folded like many flatbreads. And they are super easy!

And there are so many ways to eat them:

  • smeared with organic peanut butter
  • drizzled with local honey
  • as a breakfast wrap filled with eggs and cheese
  • smeared with butter
  • smeared with hummus
  • (pretty much smeared with anything yummy)

But my favorite ways?

Stuffed with Salad

Oh. My. Flatbread | Trains and Tutus



as a BLT!!!!

Oh. My. Flatbread | Trains and Tutus


Click on this link, make yourself some flatbread, and come back and comment on this post telling me how awesome it is!!

Your welcome.

~Mama Train

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