My Sweet Grandma


So many good memories I have of Grandma place her in the kitchen.  I picture her standing at the counter stirring saccharine tablets into her tea with a long spoon and slightly shaking hands.  I picture her sitting around the table with “the cousins” playing Hand and Foot or Skipbo.  I picture her using the special card shuffler, because heaven forbid you shuffle by hand.  I picture countless lasagnas coming out of the oven because her lasagnas were my favorite – only to be surpassed by those chocolate caramel brownies that she was famous for.  Seriously, they were The. Best.  No one ever made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich taste quite as good as Ma’s.  Pretty much anything that came out of her kitchen was hard to beat.

Before she retired, Grandma worked for a nursing home.  I used to love hearing her stories of belligerent patients and how she handled them.  She had a kind and gentle spirit – but everyone knew not to cross her.  We had a saying in our family: “Pa is boss, as everyone knows; But what Ma says, always goes.”  Oh, how I miss their playful (and sometimes not-so-playful) bickering.

People have always told me I favored Grandma.  I like to think that she rubbed off on me in other ways as well.  She was a voracious reader and I loved our trips to the library.  It was always a novelty to me to drive past the red brick roads of Tyler – they didn’t have red brick roads where I lived.  She also loved taking and looking at pictures.  Every time we came to visit she’d have me pull out a photo album to look through its latest additions.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a few albums of my own.

My mom has always said that Grandma was the best mother-in-law.  How many people do you know that say that about mother’s-in-law?  She treated my mom like another daughter.  She never interfered, but was always ready to share her wisdom if asked.  As a mother of teenagers, that’s a trait that for myself still needs some fine-tuning.

Almost exactly two years ago, I stood reading a similar eulogy for Pa.  To be honest with you, we lost both my grandparents that year, as Grandma was just never quite the same without him.  But that’s how I would choose to remember them anyway – sitting in their his-and-her chairs in their pristine living room on Oxford Cr, him fussing about something trivial and her lovingly telling him to shut up and mind his own business.  They leave a great legacy, these two.  They may no longer be with us in body, but they will live indefinitely in the hearts of those of us who loved them.


Doris Timaeus

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