My Recent Crochet Obsession

I just realized I hadn’t shown you my Valentine mantle!


After the Christmas decorations came down, the mantle looked so bare (as did the rest of the house!).  I decided to put up a seasonal display, and the season coming up next?  Valentines.

On the left, there is my white canvas with my 1 Cor 13 verse on it.  It helped that the large portrait that always hangs there has some pink in it.  I added some pictures, some more pink, some red, some candles, and a little cute valentine owl I found at Hobby Lobby.

Did you notice this?


It’s a little crochet heart garland I made a few years ago.  (You can find the pattern HERE).  And it got me to thinking…

I need another garland after Valentines is over…

So, I found this pattern on the same site, and went to work.  Now it’s all ready to go when it comes time to change out the mantle decorations.



You can’t tell very well from the pictures, but I alternated colors between a light yarn with sparkles, and a darker green yarn.  It turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself.

And while I was whipping up my crochet shamrock garland, it got me in the mood to do some more crochet work.

And I realized, I never shared with you my handmade gifts from LAST Christmas.

So, I took some pictures.  This is a blanket I made for my youngest:


And here is a scarf I made for my middle in the Gryffindor colors.

crochet7I used “fancy” yarn from the yarn shop for this one, and it’s super soft.  I also used fancy yarn for my eldest’s shawl.

It looks kind of funky all laid out, but it really looks cute as a shrug:

crochet4See how pretty the yarn is?

crochet3Quite yummy.

Can yarn be yummy?

So, I’ve been working sporadically on another blanket for my #1… it’s going to be a lot larger than the pink one.  This is what it looks like so far…

crochet1I have to take breaks, though, because it gets a little monotonous.

This is my current “break” project:

crochet2My middle daughter wanted a scarf with a pocket in it.  So, I’m going to turn up the ends and sew the sides together to make a pocket at both ends of the scarf.  Isn’t the yarn fun?  I love working with it.  It’s like a little bit of sunshine in the house on a cold day.

What about you?  Do you have a hobby you pick up now and again?  What’s your current crafty project?

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