My Little Mathematician

My third child is as right-brained as they come.  She is left-handed and does everything in her own special way.  For that reason, it came as a surprise to me that she is my little math wizard.  She LOVES math and is quite good at it.  She works ahead in her math book “for fun.”   What is really amazing, though, is how her mind works.  I love seeing the way she works things out in her head.  It’s so different, but it works for her!

For example, today she had the problem 9 + ___ = 39.

She thought about it for a minute, and I could see her fingers working and the wheels in her brain turning.

Her answer?

“Three nines plus three.”

Which comes to 3o.

Why would she do it that way?  Mind-blowing, but I love it!

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  1. Amanda October 25, 2012 at 1:10 pm #

    Love, love LOVE! She HAS to do something with her gift when she grows up. :-)

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