My Greatest Fear

Aren't they so stinkin' cute?!

I few weeks ago, I faced my greatest fear as a mother to date. Okay, maybe not the greatest fear, but something I have been dreading since the little boys came to live with us.

Potty Training.

Two boys.

At the same time.

Enough said, huh?! I could end the blog post right here.

Jacob was such a dream to potty train.  He could hold his pee for hours. He would wake up dry long before I thought of potty training. Santa brought him some Wiggles underwear, and that was it. He was a big boy. No more diapers. (Maybe my memory is a little skewed after 6 years, but it did seem pretty easy.)

James and Gaige……not so much. Gaige never expressed an interest. James did, but I wasn’t interested. He’d ask to go to the potty, and I’d say no (I should go to Mommy Jail). In my defense, I was pregnant with TWO toddler boys (well, not pregnant with 2 toddler boys, but pregnant and taking care of 2 toddler boys). I’d heard about children reverting when a new baby is born, and I was huge and tired (and scared!). Then Micah was born, and I had a newborn to take care of, a first grader to homeschool, and 2 preschoolers to manage. So, we made it to February, and I had been diapering 3 kids for 5 months.  That is a LOT of diapers. And they were starting to complain about the pee and the poop.

So, after LOTS of research, I decided that the only way to go was to go cold turkey and potty train them in a weekend. As resources, I used Potty Train in Three Days and Briefs. I borrowed 2 training potties, bought underwear, M&M’s and Big Poo Poo Candy (Hershey Miniatures candy bars), and we picked a weekend where Ryan could help out with Micah and Jacob.

The Plan: 1. Have a Diaper Throwing Away Ceremony first thing in the morning. 2. Put on our new underwear 3. Drink lots of fluids 4. Go to the potty a lot 5. Get an M&M for pee pee 6. Get a Big Poo Poo Candy for poop 7. Say a billion times, “If you need to go potty, tell Mommy!”

And tell Mommy they did! We spent MOST of the day in the bathroom.  They would potty, eat candy, and repeat. We had several accidents on day one, but many more successes.  And we put them down for a nap and bed that night in underwear. It was the Longest. Day. Of. My. Life.

We kept them home from church on Sunday and hung out at home on Monday.  By Tuesday, when it was time to go to preschool, they were doing GREAT!

Fast forward 3 weeks.  Both boys are taking themselves to the potty, pee and poop, with very few accidents and washing their own hands.  Never a poopcident. Gaige has had only a couple of accidents.  James will get busy and have an accident sometimes, but he is younger.  Gaige is staying dry during naps and all night.  James is dry at naps, but we are putting him in Pull Ups at night (Although we did try for about a week in underwear to see if he would catch on).  He is probably not ready physically yet.  We’ll try again in a few months. And, we don’t have to give them candy anymore.  We stopped the M&M’s after a few days and the Big Poo Poo Candy after a couple of weeks (It’s amazing how much a kid can poop when he wants some Big Poo Poo Candy!).

It truly feels like the greatest accomplishment of my life. It surprises me that no one has mentioned a medal or a trophy or at least a certificate of accomplishment. Potty training Micah should be a breeze……..

All joking aside, I really think waiting until they are ready and then just going for it is the way to go.  Skip the Pull Ups.  In my opinion, that just keeps them peeing in their pants longer.  They don’t like to have wet underwear, but a Pull Up is just a glorified diaper. Sorry Pull Up company.

I am Mama Train; HEAR ME ROAR!!

~Mama Train


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  1. Laura March 25, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

    I just have to say, that that picture of the two of them with their sign is the cutest. thing. ever. :)

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