My 10 Reasons to Raise Girls…


Anyone who is in the room with the the Train and Tutu crews for more than 5 minutes can tell you that girls and boys are wired differently.  So it stands to reason that raising girls and raising boys are completely different as well!  As the mom of three lovely ladies, I thought I’d take a moment to share with you my top 10 reasons for having girls…

10.  They can do their own laundry.  Of course, having three girls is one of the reasons we have so much laundry in the first place, but at least now they can be in charge of taking care of it on their own.

9.  You are never lacking for entertainment.  My girls can come up with a “play” or performance of some sort with only a moment’s notice.  Complete with props and costume changes. (Did I mention all the laundry?)

8.  I’d rather step on a Barbie shoe than a lego any day of the week.

7.  I can dress them up matchy-matchy until they hit the pre-teen years and get to old for such nonsense.  But until then, it’s completely adorable.


6.  They love Anne Shirley as much as I do.

5.  You can always count on girls to take care of you when you’re old.  I’ve already worked it out with my youngest that she’s going to live with me when I’m ancient and change my diapers if she has to.  She’s down with that.

4.  Sweet little pigtails with bows.

pigtails3.  Snippy drama queen moments are quickly outweighed by those rare moments when all three girls are having fun and getting along in some imaginary play world.  Listening to them play together and especially hearing them break into spontaneous songs together makes a momma’s heart happy.

2.  Girls Rule.  Boys Drool.  (Sorry, couldn’t help myself).

1.  I get the gift of helping to raise strong, confident, Christian women.  They are such a blessing to me!

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