Mornings Made for Walking

One of my recent positive life changes is the addition of a morning walk.  From about 7:00 to 7:30 you can find me walking through my neighborhood — many times with my eldest daughter trailing along.  It is such a refreshing start to my day.

Why should you walk?

It’s good for you.
It’s FREE.
Everyone can do it.

It’s funny the routine you find even doing something as simple as taking a walk in the morning.  I have started crossing paths with the “regulars” who are also out walking:

  • The young woman who always wears a pink back pack.
  • The older couple who walk together — the man is always pushing a bicycle along side of him.  I’ve never seen him ON the bike.
  • The bare-chested man in his mid-50s or so who walks while alternately lifting barbells with each arm.
  • The occasional runner, who zips past us with lightening speed.
  • Kids waiting at the bus stop.

All different ages.  All different races.

For being in suburbia, we have a pretty “nature-y” neighborhood.  This is the favorite stretch of my walk:

We have a retention pond behind our neighborhood and a long trail that goes along side it.  There are all sorts of wildlife to spot.  Herons, turtles, lots and lots and lots of ducks, lizards, and we’ve even spied a hawk.  Oh, and billions and billions of ants.  This morning, we smiled as a disgruntled pet owner tried to catch his beautiful chocolate lab who had obviously “escaped” and was having a field day chasing the neighborhood flock of ducks.  M and I were quite amused.

We were amused because he was chasing the big ugly ducks (they remained unharmed) and not these cute little ones:

Aren’t they precious?

We come across a large variety of plants too.  Here were some funky mushrooms I had to stop and photograph this morning.

Do I get discouraged because I’m not jogging?  Sometimes.  But I decided doing something was better than doing nothing, and if I can’t run right now, the least I can do is get out and get SOME exercise.  I usually listen to hymns as I walk and it helps set my mind right for the day ahead.

Evening walks?  I do those too, but they’re not as quiet.  Usually because I have kids tagging along and people are much busier outside in the evening than in the morning.  Although it’s hard to beat the views God gives us!

This last picture reminds me of the lyrics:

Who paints the skies into glorious day? 
Only the splendor of Jesus.

What about you?  Are you a morning walker, or an evening walker?  Or a non-walker?  Feel free to share below in the comments!

~Mama Tutu

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