Monday Musings… on a Tuesday

So, oops!  It’s not Monday.  Long holidays always throw me.

We had a good weekend.  The younger two were off having a blast at church camp, and our eldest soaked in being an only child for a couple of days.

And this happened…

GinnyHer name is Ginny.  Luna (our older cat) is still not a fan, so we’re keeping them separated while they get used to one another, but otherwise, she’s fitting right in.   The girls were shocked and thrilled when they got home from camp to find a new kitty.

Yes, we are Harry Potter fans.  Why do you ask?

L&GAlso I must take a moment for a mommy-brag.  Our eldest is enrolled in an online school.  We got notification that she was receiving two academic awards, and we went to Houston for the ceremony.  She was super-nervous and didn’t even want to go.  (This from my drama queen who loves being in the spotlight).  We made her go anyway, and she received awards for being a member of NJHS and for being an Honor Roll recipient.

MalAwardMy legs are so sore (just in case you were wondering).  I’ve still been keeping up with boot camp/workouts.  In general, I really like it, but today my muscles are screaming at me that I’m old.  Thursdays & Friday’s are zumba, though, and those are much more fun.

It rained this morning, and my garden totally slurped up that lovely rain water!  It’s funny how you can water it daily, but it still seems to just perk up after a rain shower.

Have a great (short) week friends!

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