Monday Musings

I was looking at sweet little baby pictures earlier and caught myself thinking, “Oh, I miss that!”

And then I quickly came back to my senses.  But oh, how sweet are those newborns!

We had to have a family conference just to figure out how we were all going to get to all the places tonight.  One has a musical workshop, one has piano, two have dance, one has a band concert and one (big guy) has two softball games.  *Whew*!  I’m already tired and none of the above has started yet.  It’s only Monday, you guys!!

There were about two days last week where the mornings were a bit cooler and it seemed like it was almost fall, but it’s already back in the 90s.  Sigh.  Fall in Texas.

Speaking of Fall, we drove all the way down to the pumpkin patch (our favorite is about 1.5 hours away) and THERE WERE NO PUMPKINS yet.  It was a sad, sad, day.  We had my cute nephews with us and everything.  Oops!  Trying again next weekend…

And now it’s Tuesday… so much for Monday Musings…

I need a new system for feeding my family.  Too many busy nights and not enough time means we’ve been eating out way too often. Not good for the pocketbook or our health…

My 11 year old has become a Rubik’s cube wizard.  She can solve them in less than 2 minutes.  Super impressive considering I couldn’t solve one even if given 2 days…

I suppose that’s all I have for this week that I can share.  Hope you all have a great week, friends!

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