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Just when I think I have this parenting thing down, something goes and throws me for a loop.  Last year, our first year of high school was a breeze.  I was wondering what the big deal was with teenagers, because obviously, the middle school years were tough, but my teenager was golden… then boyfriends happened.  Now, I don’t attribute all the trouble to boys — some of it is just the growing pains of trying to become more independent.  I’ve been a pretty big fan of the boys that have been important enough to bring home, but it just brings about a whole new set of parenting challenges.

Today in my office I found a small lizard on my bookcase.  The ministers were all in a meeting, and there were just two of us in the office.  I thought I was going to try and catch it in two cups…  Well, the moment I went to “catch” him, he realized what I was doing and he just ran straight toward me and LEAPT off the bookcase into the floor… the equivalent of jumping off a cliff for the little guy.  We both squealed and the lizard quickly ran under my desk… where I assume he is now taking up residence with plans to scare me at another date in the future.  Good times.

What the what?  It’s time to start Christmas shopping??  It seems hard to believe but I’ve been doing a little more browsing on Etsy with fangirling kiddos in mind.

Menopause is for the birds.  I swear that I have been cold & put on my sweater, only to all of a sudden start sweating and so hot that I have to take it off again about 100 times today.  This.  Is.  Ridiculous.  I wish my body would just pick a temperature!!

Things I’m loving lately:

SHIPT  Guys — for only $15 a month these people will do my grocery shopping at the local HEB and deliver it directly to my front door.  For real.  The shopper will text you with questions as they’re shopping, like if the store is out of something you requested to see if you want to substitute.  It’s awesome.

Ecoflowers.  I saw someone link to this company on Instagram and I had to check them out because their work is so beautiful.  The flowers are made from wood and paper.  I now own THIS one and it looks so pretty in my office!

1SE.  Yep.  Still going strong.

The Prisma App.  Yes, another app.  Check it out, though.  It does cool things with pictures.


I’ve been thinking a lot about it, and I just don’t think I can handle blogging the “31Days” this year.  Which kinda makes me sad, because I’ve done it 4 years in a row, but with being so stretched thin right now, I don’t see how I can keep up.  I mean, October is 4 days away and I haven’t even considered a topic.  So, maybe next year??

I hope you all have a great week, friends!

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