Monday Musings

Oops.  It’s Tuesday.  I started this last night and fully intended on finishing.  Best laid plans.

The first week of school was… for lack of a better term… dramatic.  #1 had relationship drama, #2 had “I-don’t-like-riding-the-bus” drama and #3 had to switch around her complete schedule on the second day of school which caused her to have all new teachers “drama”.  Oy vey!  However, we made it through the week, and things seem to have simmered down, so there’s hope that things may go smoothly this year after all.   Here was the first day of school picture that I missed last Monday…


You guys… I hate drama.  I am NOT a confrontational person.  I avoid conflict like the plague.  So WHY does it seem to follow me?!?  Can’t we just go back to my non-complicated stay-at-home-all-the-time bubble?  Life would be easier.

We are in the planning stages of show #2 with our new theatre.  Let’s just say this musical centers around a certain red-headed orphan…

It has been soooo rainy and overcast here lately.  Like for several weeks.  And it’s still been HOT.  If it’s going to be hot, at least give us some sun!

I’ve been “stocking up” on corny, snarky memes to send my children during the day.

I am still using the “1 Second Everyday” app and LOVE it.  My streak goes back to March.

I hate to admit this as a fan of good literature, but last week, I decided to re-read the Twilight series.  I know.  I know.  But there’s just something to be said for reading straight-up nonsensical chic lit where I can escape from the real world and not have to think.  I’m on book two.  Go Werewolves.

The closet plant in my office is about to have two lily flowers bloom on it.  For some reason this always makes me feel accomplished.  Like, I haven’t killed it yet!  Go me!

I am so happy that my women’s Bible Study group is starting back up (we took a break for the summer).  Oh, how I have missed my peeps!  We are going to study THIS book, recently published, which was written by our pulpit minister.

Have a great week, friends!

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