Monday Musings

So sick today.  Sore throat and yuck.  But I had this post in the queue… so here are some musings:

Because I need something else to take up my time, I decided to go in with some friends of mine to start a theatre.  There really is a need for something in our city for the tween/teen ages, so we are hoping to provide that.  We began a kickstarter campaign to help lower tuition costs for our first show, and our goal was met in just 5 days!  So exciting!  Even though we’ve met our goal, we still need funding, so please, if you are interested check out the kickstarter link!

We got a kitten!  She is sort-of a replacement for Luna, who ran away a couple of months ago and was hit by a car.  In the tradition of naming our cat after characters from the Harry Potter books, we introduce Molly:


She’s completely adorable and has boundless energy and purrs all the time.  We love her.

I’ve been struggling with writing posts lately because I have a lot of feelings about a lot of things that I can’t really share.  Nothing earth-shattering, but things that have to be kept private, which is apparently hard for me, so I just haven’t written at all.  That plus I’ve been ridiculously busy.  Something’s gotta give.

Things I’m crushing on lately:

The Daily Skimm

What Should I Read Next Podcast

1SE App

Our new Pearland Little Theatre shirts

The Litsy App (my username is lauraodom)

My Facebook Book Swap (leave me a comment if you’d like for me to email you details)


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