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In January of 2014 I joined “The Classics Club” and made a list of 50 classic books I wanted to read in the next 5 years.  It seems like this would be easy breezy, because for a long time, the classics were pretty much all I read.  I didn’t really enjoy contemporary literature – or at least I didn’t think I did.  Maybe I thought I was too cultured for such nonsense.  Well, things change.  I just made the realization this past week that I’ve only read 13 of the books on my list of 50 so far.  THIRTEEN.  As in, I’m about a dozen books behind!  So, with that in mind, I’m going to make a renewed effort to balance my “To Read” pile with some classic books as well as my new-loved contemporary novels.

The girls went back to school today.  Last week was Spring Break.  My husband took them on a two-night trip to Dallas and took them to 6 Flags.  They had a great time.  I, too, had a great time in the evenings after work in my QUIET house.  I love my family, but I am not ashamed to say that I relished that time alone and soaked it all in.  I think I’m a better mother when I have a little time to myself now and then.

We said goodbye to an era this weekend.  When our kids were younger, we bought a monster of a bunk bed.  It was an awesome “fort” bed with a full bed underneath, and stairs/drawers that led up to the top twin bunk.  However, our younger two no longer share a bedroom and my youngest has been asking us for at least two years now if we can get her a different bed, because it really does take up the whole room.  Well, this weekend, we were able to bless a family with three young boys with our bed, and there is now floor in Clara’s room.  She is SO excited and spent hours in there this weekend “fixing up” her new space.  Now she wants to paint.  Oy vey!

Hubs and I worked Mary Poppins this weekend at the Hobby Center.  It was a fun show!  Lots of great dance numbers.   We took my middle and her friend on Friday night, and just happened to get out at the same time that the lead actress was signing autographs.  Score!


I am pretty sure that the double space after sentences is no longer a thing, but it is so hard for me to break!  I still think it’s technically acceptable, so I’m still in the clear, but sometimes it messes with formatting on newsletters and things that I do for work, and it has been so hard to teach this old dog new tricks.  Do you use a double space after a period, or a single space?  I still have flashbacks to 9th grade typing class with Mrs. Shorts.  Shudder.

My eye is twitching.  I need a banana.

Gotta run if I’m going to get this posted.  Have a great week, friends!

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