Monday Musings

We kept my nephews overnight this past weekend.  They were great fun, but keeping them always makes me remember why I’m glad my babies are older and more self-sufficient now.

But how stinkin’ cute are they in their Sunday best?


Our cat Luna got out of the house without our knowledge about a month ago when we had workers here and didn’t find her way back home.  This past week she was hit by a car and someone took her into the vet who was able to contact us because she had a chip.  Sadly, she didn’t make it.  RIP Luna.  We miss her.

In related news, the kids are begging for a kitten.  Ginny is lonely.

Mama Train and I both have significant birthdays this year.  We’re going on a GIRLS’ TRIP!  Somewhere where we can go potty without being interrupted.  Word.

Some things I’ve been loving lately…

The Litsy App.  It’s like Instagram and Goodreads had a baby.

The 1 Second Everyday App (or 1SE for short).  This super-cool app strings together 1 second of video from every day to create a longer story/overview of a time period.  Watching footage of 1 second per day for a year takes less than 7 minutes.  What a neat overview of your year!  I’ve been using this for exactly a week.  I’m hooked and loving it.

What Should I Read Next  podcast.  One of my favorite book bloggers started a podcast.  I love listening to the bookish talk and her reading suggestions for her guests!  It has a great format, and one episode perfectly fits in the time it takes me to drive to work.

Have a great week, friends!

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