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Happy New Year!  It seems crazy that we’re already well in to January.  The holiday season flew by this year.  I’m excited to start 2016.  Last year was full of lots of change and lots of medical issues and waiting rooms.  I’m looking forward to embracing a sense of the new normal and routine.

One of my latest entertainment choices is podcasts.  Check out my favorites in yesterday’s post.

So, since starting working full time I’ve had trouble finding my groove when it comes to our family’s meals.  Like most families, we are a family on the go.  I come home only to leave again for various lessons and activities.  I was either

A) finding it hard to make the time to cook a meal or
B) to tired to bother cooking a meal

so we would end up grabbing something in a drive through our eating out.  Not good for our wallets or our waistlines!  A friend suggested to me that something she does is a little bit of batch cooking on the weekends, and I decided to give that a try.  So far, I’m two weeks in and it seems to be a good fit for us.  I’m much less apt to pick something up when there is something at home in the fridge that all I have to do is warm up.  We’re eating healthier and smarter!

I am friends with a group of about 40 women all over the US and Canada who had babies born around December 2000.  It started out as a pregnancy message board for babies due in that month.  When that board made a lot of changes, we switched to a private sight, and have since moved the group to a private Facebook group.  Even though some of us have never met in person, I consider them close friends, and have actually met up with about a third of them in real life.  Our little group has been through a lot together and has been a great source of friendship and strength through the years.

Related to that, this past week, I posted a digital flier to Facebook promoting the local high school musical that my daughter is participating in.  I immediately got a FB message from one of my Dec. Mom friends that lives in New York.  Turns out, she’s friends with the playwright’s wife!  She set it up for him to send my daughter’s cast a “good luck” letter.  So exciting, and such a small world!


A friend of mine gave me this plant just after my surgery in May.  It is still alive.  I feel that’s an accomplishment.

Have a great week, friends!!


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