Monday Musings

So, apparently it’s the week of some season premieres.  My eldest and I watched the premiere of Once Upon a Time last night and I was a bit underwhelmed.  It’s not that it was terrible.  I just would have rather spent time reading a book.  Hopefully Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be better tomorrow.  That’s the other show we watch together.  She’s a bit of an obsessed fan girl… and that big rock thing just swallowed Simmons, so there’s that.

Speaking of my eldest, I have to brag on her a bit.  She’s a freshman.  She’s never been in choir before, but auditioned and made the top choir for 9th graders.  She poured her heart and soul into Region Choir auditions… and didn’t make it.  But I am SO proud of her for giving it her all and trying.  I know that she’s going to do great things!

I have met the most fabulous barista ever.  She works in a Kroger Starbucks near where I work and people, she can make HOT BUTTERBEER.  Yes!!  She is so cheerful and awesome.   I may or may not be in trouble…


Do you see how I’m pretending it’s Fall even though it was 90 degrees outside?  I’m wistful like that.

The younger two started playing volleyball this past weekend.  Let’s just say the team has lots of room for improvement.  It should be a fun season.

My meal-planning is suffering a lot since I’ve rejoined the work force.  It’s hard y’all.  Side note: We ate the last batch of last year’s tamales this evening.  Good thing Christmas is just around the corner.

I just received word from The Library Thing that I will be the recipient of the book I requested (The new Ellie Marnie book, Every Word) this month.  I never get tired of getting free books in the mail!  Blogging has its advantages.

Did I tell you how fabulous it was to meet Lady Tremaine and the evil stepsisters were at the Magic Kingdom?  If you get a chance you should meet them.  So much fun!


I know.  Random.  But that’s how I roll.  Have a great week friends!

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