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I’m on day 84 of the Bible in 90 days.  I should be on day 85, but I got a little bit behind.  However, reading the Bible in 91 days is still no small feat.  It’s a pretty long book!  Since I started working full time I’ve tried to be ready to leave 30 minutes before I actually need to leave for work so I have thirty minutes to spend reading the Word.  It’s worked really well for me, and I’m enjoying it, as always.  I’m still amazed that having read the Bible through several times now, I still notice things that I didn’t notice reading before.  I love that.

I finished another great book this week… All the Light We Cannot See.  Review forthcoming.  I still have such a huge to-read list!  So many books, so little time…

My eldest had foot surgery last week and is hanging in there like a trooper.  She’s on crutches until Thursday when she’ll get a boot.  I am ready for the boot… the helplessness is hard on mom y’all!

Just came across the site Illustrated Faith and am quite intrigued.  Going to spend some browsing time there!  I’ve been considering getting a journaling Bible.  We’ll see where this rabbit hole takes me.  It may be my next Bible study project.

The world my children are growing up in is so different from the one I grew up in.  This evening, one of my children had her phone taken away for three days because she was disobedient.  It started out with just one day, but increased to three as her defiance escalated.  I must say that I do not always keep my cool in these situations, but this time I did.  I almost lost it however when she made the statement that “I almost killed” her because I took her phone away.  Excuse me??  I lived 21 years without a cell phone and survived.  Puh-lease.  She is now learning how to live without said phone for a week.  I did. not. yell. during the entire event, and at the end of the night I received an apology.  Score one for mom.

I am married to such a good man.  He’s faithful.  He’s oodles of patient.  He’s just.  He’s such a good daddy. And it drives me crazy how much self-control he has when it comes to matters of the tongue.

I need some fun things to spruce up my office space.  Any grand ideas?  I’m thinking of maybe making some more Hymn Prints.  There are some really nice lyrics from some of the songs we recently recorded on Righteous God that I think would make nice prints.  I’m also thinking about starting a FunKo Pop collection of “Inside Out” figurines.  Such a cute movie!

I had a birthday a week ago.  Next year is a “big one”.  I got a nice package in the mail from Mama Train with some awesome dishcloths she knitted me all by herself and a not-so-awesome reminder of how she’s so happy that I’m older than she is.  It’s what friends are for.



It’s been crazy hot here in Texas lately.  Last week I clocked 106 degrees with the car thermometer.  Humid too.  Yuck.  Still, I’d rather be hot than FREEZING in the winter!  God bless Texas!!

Have an awesome week, friends!!

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