Monday Musings

Yesterday we had a dedication for our new Worship Center that is currently under construction.  Members were allowed to write on the foundation or stage before it gets covered in carpet.  It was a neat thing for the kids especially to take part in!

The job is going well, but working full time is HARD.  I get up at 6 in the morning and have to be in bed between 9 and 10 or I really pay for it the next day.  That’s been the hardest adjustment for this night owl.

I got my second Stitch Fix box the other day. The first time I did a “fix” a year or more ago now, I only kept one item.  But this time, I big puffy heart loved 4 of the 5 items, and so it was less expensive to buy the whole set than it was to buy the four pieces, so I kept them all.  Totally a fun way to add some new dress clothes to my wardrobe!  (Using the referral link above will give me a small credit if you end up trying it out – so if you’re planning to try it, do and use the link!  No pressure, of course.)  I’ll try and post some pictures soon.

Speaking of pictures, I took a selfie this morning to show off my necklace.  I was hunting through my jewelry box to find something to go with a red top, and low and behold there was this gem I forgot I had.  I just love unexpected surprises like that!  (Even if it means I’m a ditz).


The eldest & I went to see Ant-Man this past weekend.  We enjoyed it.  It was full of action, humor, & in typical Marvel fashion, the end-credit scenes have us waiting in anticipation for what’s next.

Speaking of Marvel, have you been watching the #dubsmashwar2015 between the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cast and the Agent Carter cast?  If not, you must go search that hashtag on Twitter immediately.  They are hilarious.  THIS article has them all in one place.  It’s inspired my daughters and I to send each other dubsmash videos of our own.  Don’t worry — I won’t bore you.  Although there have been some VeggieTales renditions that have been pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

OOoooh!!  I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention that we participated in another Praise & Harmony recording last weekend.  As usual, it was a FABULOUS experience!  I cannot explain to someone the joy I feel when singing praises with like-minded musicians!  It’s such an uplifting time for me.  The recording we did was for an upcoming album called “Savior God” and featured all old hymns that I grew up singing, like “Abide With Me,” “The New Song,” “This World is Not My Home,” and “Salvation Has Been Brought Down,” just to name a few.  (And “Living By Faith” — one of my favorites!!).  I always come home on such a spiritual high.

To top it off, we got our “Righteous God” albums while we were there!  They are now available for purchase HERE.  Here’s a little promo video.  It is SUCH an awesome album.  Almost every song on it is my favorite!

I am feeling SOOOOOO much better than I have in a long time.  I’m fully recovered from my surgery and feeling great!

Have an awesome week, friends!

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