Monday Musings


1. Listening

To the sounds of hubby playing a video game.  It’s his way of de-stressing.

2. Eating

Nothing.  I’m having surgery in the morning, so I’ve been on a diet of clear liquids for the past two days.  Post-surgery, when I’ll be up to eating again, it’ll still be pretty restrictive.  Lots of veggies & chicken.

3. Drinking

Yucky stuff.  If you’ve ever had the experience of doing a “cleanse” for a major surgery, you know how lovely this concoction is I’m drinking.

4. Wearing


5. Feeling

I’m feeling better.  This past week has been crazy with me trying to check off all the things on my self-made list of things I wanted to have accomplished before the surgery.  I’ve been stressed and grumpy… not to mention hormonal… these past few days and I’m pretty sure my family is just ready to get this over with and move along.  I finally reached the point today when I decided what’s done is done and what’s not is not, and it’s not the end of the world either way.

6. Weather

It has been GORGEOUS this past week.  70s & sunny.  Just beautiful!

7. Wanting

ALL my children to take the initiative to pick up after themselves.  Is that really so much to ask?

8. Needing

Nothing.  My cup is full.

9. Thinking

I am looking forward to having this upcoming surgery behind me.  There are some big changes in store for our family.  I want to get healthy and embrace those changes with a happy heart!

10. Enjoying

My family and I had the most wonderful evening on Saturday.  It was my last day to be able to eat “real food” so we took advantage of it.  After a hard day of working and running around, we went to dinner together at the California Pizza Kitchen, where we played an “A to Z” game going round and round the table while eating yummy food.  Afterwards, we walked through the new Whole Foods across the street from the restaurant.  Good times.

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