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My youngest just went to bed with a tear running down her cheek because I made her flush a dying roach down the toilet.  “But it’s a living being, Mom!  God made him & he deserves to live.”  Yeah.  Not in my world, honey.  Seriously.  For the Love.

I finally went to the grocery store for the first time in about a month. It’s amazing what running out of coffee will do for one’s motivation.  I still get sore after walking around for any length of time, so we tried to be quick about it, but quick is relative.  A cart full of groceries later we FINALLY finished and by the time it was said and done, I’m guessing it took about an hour.  Fortunately, I’m still on the “no-lifting-anything-over-5-lbs” restriction, so my girls had the privilege of unloading the car.

I have so many books on my To-Be-Read list that it probably deserves its own post.  Just this weekend, a good friend gave me two new novels in an adorable book tote.  (Does she know the way to my heart or what?) I also was given two other books by sweet friends when they brought me dinner in the weeks following my surgery, and I purchased quite a few of my own before hand thinking that I would have extra downtime…  I have two ARCs to read to I got for free, and 3 books checked out from our local library.  I want to read them ALL!  So many books, so little time…

Speaking of little time, big change is coming for my family.  I am starting a full time job in July working at a ministry assistant at our church.  Wow.  It will certainly be an adjustment, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

So, I learned on Instagram today that Jennifer Grey (“Baby” from Dirty Dancing) is married to Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson of Marvel).  My eldest daughter was also elated to learn this, although her way of identifying Jennifer Grey is apparently that she is the daughter of Joel Grey, who was the original “Wizard” in Wicked.  I just thought the perspective was funny.  As a child of the 80s, I only knew her as an actress, and here my daughter identifies her as a Broadway star’s daughter.  I didn’t even know who Joel Grey was until last night.

Well, if I muse much longer, today will be tomorrow and it won’t be Monday, so I guess I’ll wrap up for now.  I hope everyone out there has a fabulous week!

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