Monday Musings

I’m re-reading Jane Eyre.  Not because it was on my Spring TBR list, (it wasn’t), but because I got this cool copy that you fold as you read on clearance after Christmas at Barnes and Noble, and I couldn’t keep putting it off.  Isn’t it fun?  Once I’m done, I can display it!



I’m only on page 65, so I’ve gotten the left side of the “R” folded so far.

15 days until my surgery.  I’ve decided to do more juicing.  I’ve been doing well with my “endo gut” diet, well, until this weekend when I snuck in a piece of Lila’s birthday cake.  I’m not going to do a complete juice fast, but my diet is so restrictive anyway that I might as well give my body some good power-packed nutrients and have it in its best possible form for surgery.

Speaking of surgery,  I’m starting to plan a hospital list… nightgown, slippers, dry shampoo, all the electronics… Anything specific I should pack for a 3-4 day stay at the hospital?  I’m making sure all my loose dresses are clean and unpacked for when I get home!

We celebrated my middle’s birthday this past weekend (her birthday is this week).  On her wish list? Duct Tape and a Puppy.  Guess what she’s NOT getting?!  Can’t believe she’ll be 11!



Have a great week, friends!

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