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I have a surprise for you all!  Be checking later this week for a special product review/giveaway!  Yay!

I am so sick of all the doctors visits lately.  And as much as I hate hate hate the medical bills/insurance craziness I have to keep reminding myself I am so blessed to have it.

This morning’s visit was an MRI.  I kept my eyes shut and sang “All to Us” over and over in my head.  (It’s one of the songs we sang for the latest Praise & Harmony cd with Keith Lancaster.  No more doctor’s visits until next week.  Awesome!

Last week we had the craziness of the summer musical auditions, so now we’re at the “waiting on the cast list” stage.  My girls are quite anxious.  But, they rocked their auditions, and so at least they know they did their best!  (Proud Mama Share:  You can watch them HERE).

I’ve been thinking about replacing my pantry door with an upcycled screen door.  Thoughts?

We found a cute baby red-eared slider turtle in our driveway & the girls have set up a habitat for him in an old swimming pool in the back yard.  He’s so stinkin’ cute.


They’ve named him/her Tonks.

I’m over the “honeymoon” phase of my Endo Diet that the GI doctor put me on.  I’m still adhering to it strictly, but wondering how long I will honestly be able to sustain this.  I’m still having trouble not having a pity party every time I cook for my family.  I can’t even have things as simple as a Deli Sandwich (something I frequently make on Sundays because they’re so quick and easy.

For a look at my evil diet feel free to click on the image for a larger view:



I am excited to be headed to Round Top to go junkin’ with “the girls” from my life group this weekend.  I am so ready for some girl time, and I’m blessed with a hubby who understands that.

Have a great week and a Happy Easter, friends!  Be sure to check in Wednesday for our giveaway!!

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