Monday Musings

I had a lovely Valentines’ Day.  I had the morning entirely to myself, which I spent running errands, including a trip to the bookstore to pick up the new Cynthia Hand novel, which I brought home and promptly read.  The evening was spent shadowing my favorite usher at the Hobby Center, where we helped out, and then got to sit and watch a performance of Kinky Boots.  Fun!


Aren’t we cute?

We had a week of gorgeous weather last week.  I should have gotten outside and worked in the garden, because today it’s drizzly and 30 degrees colder.  BRR!!

My indoor cat got out last week and decided to go hang out in my neighbor’s back yard.  A neighbor I haven’t yet met.  I rang on the doorbell but no one answered.  Since no one answered, I went into the back yard to retrieve my cat, who does not want to be retrieved… so I’m chasing the cat around the back yard when lo and behold… the neighbor (whom I had awakened from a nap, apparently) comes out.  Um.  Yes.  Sorry I’m chasing my mean cat across your back yard.  I’ll just grab her and go on home now… …. ….  She was nice, but I still felt awful.

Chips and salsa are a staple at our house.

I will have a child in HIGH SCHOOL next year.  How did that even happen??

This is a haunting/touching song released this week.  It’s one that we recorded for the last Praise & Harmony album:

I tried sushi for the first time recently!  I’ve pretty much avoided it in the past because A) I don’t like seafood, and B) I’m not keen on the idea of eating things raw.  However, I went on a Mom’s night out and was peer-pressured into giving it a try.  I went for some that was cooked, so it wasn’t hard core sushi, but it was a start.  And it was yummy!  Will wonders never cease?

Have a great week full of firsts, people!

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