Monday Musings

I’m so happy to be back to “normal” on this bright Monday morning.  Thursday evening I was having some pretty serious abdominal pain which landed me in the Emergency Room on Saturday.  CT scan was normal, and this morning I’m feeling much better, so the most likely culprit was a ruptured cyst.  Ouch, but so glad it wasn’t worse!

In TWO days it will be October!  Can you believe?  I’m still trying to decide on my 31 days topic.  I thought about doing something “picture-y” but that seemed kind of like cheating, since you were supposed to blog daily, and that’s about writing, not snapping pictures.  I thought about “31 days of Reality” but who really wants to see us in real life?  Hmm..  Maybe the Holy Spirit?  But that one scares me a little.  Still thinking.

Ugg.  I love fall, but hate Halloween.  That’s all I need to say about that.

My cat is driving me crazy.  We accidentally missed her appointment for her third vaccination and spaying, and now she’s in heat.  OH MY.  The noise!!  She has an appointment to be “fixed” this week, but seriously, last night her whining kept me up all night.  Of course, she’s quiet now.  How is that fair?

I have a pile of laundry that will keep me busy all week.  Sigh.  It’s never done.  Maybe I should do 31 days of laundry… Although I can’t see that I’d have much to write about.  Scratch that.

According to Goodreads I have read 48 books of my 52-book goal this year.  Last year, I read 63… it looks like I’m on track to read about the same this year.  I’m so glad to have time for reading again now that my kids are older!

I need to go be productive, since my house is definitely feeling the effects of my being out of commission all weekend!  Have a wonderful week, friends!

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