Monday Musings

What, what?!?  Yes, I know, it’s been a while.  So. Much. Has. Happened.  I cannot even begin.

Today it’s back to school for the girls!  They are starting 4th, 5th and 8th grades, respectively.


Little bit is the “big kid on campus” at her elementary school and is on the “Safety Patrol” this year, which she is oh-so-excited about.  I am glad she’s becoming a responsible member of her society and being a leader and all, but for me, it means getting her to school 40 minutes earlier than everyone else. Yawn.

And speaking of little bit, we celebrated her birthday last week by going to see Phantom of the Opera, her recently favored musical.   Followed the next day by a masquerade themed party, complete with a Phantom cake.


No, I did not make the cake.  I am not that talented.  Since we were driving in from out-of-town (where the show was held) that morning, this mommy outsourced, and just went and picked it up.  It was really fabulous, though.

Remember when I mentioned that my husband earned a trip to New York?  Well, we went, and it was lovely.  His company completely spoiled us, and we’re both having trouble adjusting to being back to reality in our own way.  I’ll probably share more on our trip in days to come.  I learned some things while I was there, and had a good time despite being terrified of the Big City before I left!

Since I’m now in “detox-from-vacation-eating” mode, we are going on a ‘clean eating’ spree around here.  Not really Whole-30, but more along the lines of “Real Food”.  I feel like it’s more sustainable, and a little easier to ease into.  #3 and I are going to be butting heads, because if she was given her way, it would be mac & cheese or ramen for every meal with a little chocolate on the side.  The thing is, I keep coming back to this, because I really do feel it’s the best way to eat… I just have a hard time keeping up with being “good” all the time.  I just love food too much.  Sigh.

Alright friends, I promise to blog on a more regular basis as things settle back down to “normal” — whatever that is.  Hope you have a fabulous week!

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