Monday Musings

Hello friends!

So, I am rocking it during the week staying on track with diet/exercise, but the weekends?  Not so much.  It seems like more often than not we eat out on Sundays, and I just am not as good at saying ‘no’ to snacky foods on the weekend.  Why is that?  Ugg.  Not that it’s been terrible, but it’s definitely worse on the weekends.

I read an entire book trilogy this weekend – a fun series YA series, starting with The Selection.  I stayed up late on Friday and Sat. nights, and I’m feeling it today!  Boot camp was brutal this morning, y’all!

My poor garden is just almost non-existent this year.  It’s been grossly neglected.  Hoping to clean out the beds this week and plant some okra.  Maybe I’ll pull things together in time for a fall garden this year.

We picked out material this weekend for 2 out of 3 of my oldest’s costumes for “Beauty & the Beast.”  To say she’s ready for July to get here is an understatement. My middle daughter found out that she’s also been cast as a gargoyle (in addition to her other roles), which will involve wearing a mask, so she’s excited about that too.

If I hear “I’m bored” one more time I think I may lose it.  What ever happened to READING. A. BOOK???  That’s all I used to do in the summer!  I think my kids need a schedule, and one that includes limited use of electronics!

I’m kinda over Facebook… but I like the connection it gives me with people I wouldn’t stay in touch with otherwise.  I suppose you could argue I don’t really NEED them on my friend list if I haven’t seen them in 10-20 years, but I still like that I feel connected.  I’m so over all the stuff, though.

I started this post early this morning, and now it’s past bedtime.  Sometimes, those few minutes of “alone” writing time just don’t happen.

Hubby made some stellar plays on the softball field this evening.  I’m so glad he’s a part of something he enjoys.

I’m also glad my kitties get along now.  It’s the little things.

Have a great week friends!  Enjoy the little things!


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