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So… for any of you who might be new, I tend to post a bit of a rambling post each Monday.  This is that post.  You have been warned.

Much of my time lately has been focused on my “Fit by Forty” challenge.  I did a lot of celebrating this past weekend (my anniversary and my dad’s birthday) and only gained one pound.  I’m counting that as a success!  I joined a gym a little over a month ago, and have been going regularly to classes and training sessions.  So far, so good.  I haven’t lost a ton of weight yet, but have lost a little, and feel like I’m toning, so, I’m taking the slow and steady approach.  To add to that, I’m trying to make healthy eating choices and keeping my calories around 1200-1500 per day.  In case you were wondering.  :)

I read the first few pages of Moby Dick a few days ago, thinking I might start it as one of my next “Classic’s Challenge” books.  I couldn’t get into it, and started Tiger Lily instead.

Between the summer musical my children are participating in in July and the church activities for both my teen and pre-teen, our summer calendar is already crazy!  Trying to figure out where and when we’re going to fit in a family vacation.  The girls are pushing for another visit to Orlando to see the recently expanded Harry Potter world in Universal.  Guess we’ll see.  I think my middle and youngest would love visiting a dude ranch… but the rest of us aren’t too outdoorsy.

My kitties are getting along!  Yay!  This is a huge relief to me, because our oldest cat, who is about a year old, is just not a fan of strangers, and I knew she would have trouble adjusting to a new cat.  We introduced them to one another VERY slowly, and it paid off, because now they co-exist without too much problem.  They even play/wrestle every now and then, and will nap and eat in near proximity to one another.  Success!

I had each of my kids plan one of the meals for each night this week.  Tonight is steak, potatoes & green beans.  My middle has good taste…   I bought bacon-wrapped filet mignons to cook.  I’ve never cooked that cut before, so wish me luck!  Hubby doesn’t usually care for my steak, so I’m trying something new.

Gotta run!  Hope you have a great first week of summer, friends!

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