Monday Musings

This past weekend I went to Round Top, Texas, or rather, just outside it.  It was miles and miles of flea market & lots of fun.  It was completely overwhelming for me as a first-timer.  There were lots of really neat things, but I think you have to have in mind what you’re looking for before you go, otherwise, you’re just going to add clutter to your house with whatever you find.  I did make one purchase, though — it’s a really cool light fixture made from blue bell jars.  My friends promise me it’s not hard to change light fixtures.  We shall see.  I’ll post a picture for you when it’s all said and done.

These are the cool friends I got to hang out with:

RoundTopThe other thing I learned was that next time I need to bring SUNSCREEN.  I still kind of look like a lobster.  You would think that after almost 40 years of being fair-skinned, I would learn… *sigh*

My kitchen is one of my favorite places to be.  I love being busy in the kitchen.  I also take random photos of food while I work.  What?  You don’t do that?



I found these super cute wooden blocks at Hobby Lobby the other day.  The only reason I don’t have a set that spell out my last name already is that they were $10 each, and I couldn’t justify spending that much.  You’d better believe I’ll be watching to see if they go on sale, though.  Doesn’t everything at HL eventually?  Hopefully they’ll still have the letters I need left.  I think they’re awesome.



My daughter introduced me to a new app called “2048.”  Maybe it’s just the math nerd in me, but wow, it’s addictive!  … because I need another time suck in my life…

I am making progress on my “to-read” pile and am determined to write SOMETHING this week.  Or at least do some research to use with my novel idea.

So, there you have it.  My musings on this Monday morning.  I hope you all have a great week, friends!

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