Monday Musings

I know, I’ve been a slacker.  The thing is, I really do enjoy blogging, but it seems like it gets pushed to the backburner of the priority list, so I don’t write as often as I like.  I’m trying to figure out how to fix that.

Since my girls have begun public school, I’ve taken on two major “projects” so to speak.  The first is a volunteer position coordinating an updated pictorial church directory.  We have a small studio set up in the building and several talented photographers in the congregation.  So, my job is to schedule both time blocks for photographers and then schedule slots for 400-500 families to come in and have a family picture made.  Not exactly a small task.  Also taking up a lot of my time, I have taken on a part-time job as a secretary for the local theatre group my kids are involved in.  Most of the things I have do do can be done on my own time, so that’s nice.  But between these two things, I’ve found myself back in the position of needing to better balance my time.

This past Saturday marked 7 years since the surgery that rid me of the big “C” word.  I wrote about it HERE a few years ago, but the short version is, I ‘accidentally’ found I had a 5 cm. tumor on my kidney and then had surgery to remove it.  Remembering that day always serves as a reminder to be a little more thankful for my blessings and for a mighty God who holds everything in His hands.

Did you hear we suffered from a blizzard down here in Houston?  Temps got into the upper 20s and we had ice — which shut the town down for a day.  The kids didn’t have to go to school, which suited them fine, of course.  Yesterday, it was back in the 70s and gorgeous, but there’s another possibility for snow tomorrow.  CrAzY!!!

Tomorrow is the 2 week mark for my sugar fast.  14 days down, 76 to go…

Okay, so if I’m being super-honest, I accidentally took a swig of hubby’s root beer yesterday.  Sigh.  His Sonic cup looked just like mine, only it did not contain Diet Dr. Pepper… So I ingested a small amount of sugar.  But it was unintentional.  And I feel terrible about it.

I got out in the garden and played in the dirt a little last week… Got one bed weeded and ready for compost.  Still have two to go.  One of them still has a few things lingering on — although I’m surprised after the ice we had that anything’s still growing.  I’m ready for this winter weather to be over with, so I can get things started!

Have a great week friends!  Stay warm!

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