Monday Musings

First day of school!  Yipee!  I love the fresh slate of a new school year & we are excited to get started with this year’s homeschool!  After spending the past few weeks getting organized, everything went well without a hitch.  Yay!


We started the day off with our PE — 30 minutes of Zumba!  We are loving the ReFit workouts on YouTube!

One benefit to starting the day off with Zumba is that my kids have been singing those songs all morning instead of Sound of Music songs.  Not that I don’t like Sound of Music songs, mind you… it’s just, well, I’ve been hearing them a LOT lately.

In other news, my parents celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary last week.  Wow.  In today’s world, that many years of commitment is rarer and rarer.  They are such a great example of give & take, thick & thin, sickness & health… I am proud to have them as parents.

MomDad40thMy eldest has chastised me for my only posts lately being Monday Musings.  I promised to try better now that school is underway and we are back to a regular routine.  Summer just about did me in this year.

The same daughter believes she’s the only 12 year old on the planet without a phone.  I beg to differ.

We fed taco salad to a room full of teens last night.  We will be eating leftovers for the rest of the week.  Enchiladas anyone?

My favorite snack lately is dehydrated okra.  Oh. So. Yummy.  My girls like it too.  It doesn’t last long around here.


It’s really past time for me to be thinking about my fall garden… but it’s so scorching hot outside still that I haven’t even considered the garden.  It’s going to be oh-so-fun to pick all the overgrown weeds out of there.  Not.  Maybe that can count as PE in place of Zumba for a few days.  Hmm…

I would love to go back to school and get my Masters some day just for the fun of it.  But if that ever happens, it will be in the far-distant future, as I really don’t have the time or money to devote to that right now.

It’s a beautifully overcast day today!  I love it when I can hear the rain pouring in the middle of the night.

I started this post this morning, and now it’s already time to be starting dinner.  My how time flies… Well, friends, I hope you all have a great week!




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