Monday Musings

Happy Monday!  My spunky baby girl turns EIGHT today. Not sure how that happened.


Just once I would like to assign my children a job and not have a knock-down drag-out ensue.  Do chores turn anyone else’s children into monsters?

I am excited to be starting our new school year next week.  There’s always something promising about a clean slate.  Plus, I love new school supplies.

Our cat does not like strangers.  Hmm.

Wild morning glories have taken over the space where my dying tomatoes used to be.  I need to clean out the garden area in the worst way, but they’re so pretty, I hate to pull them up!


I’m in a meal-rut.  Seems like I always revert to same-old same-old around here.  Tonight we’re having ham, hallelujah bread, broccoli and mac & cheese…. per the birthday girl’s request.  Of course, I could probably cook just mac and cheese and she’d be happy.  That kid could live off mac & cheese.

Haven’t heard of hallelujah bread?  It’s what we named THIS recipe from Plain Chicken.  We call it that because when it comes out of the oven, you want to sing “Hal-Le-Lu-Jah!!”  (Think Hallelujah Chorus).

Off to celebrate with a birthday lunch!  Have a great week friends!

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