Monday Musings

So… I was at church camp last week and missed doing my Monday Musings post.  Thanks to the both of you who noticed and missed me.

Red dirt + rain makes for some VERY dirty laundry.

I will be bleaching several pairs of socks this week.

I had a rockin’ job this week as Camp Photographer.  My job was to go around and take pictures all week, compile daily slideshows and create a photo DVD for the end of the week.  How cool is that?

However, I aspire to be an important person who gets to drive a golf cart around the camp grounds.

When you are deliriously tired, things that normally I would not giggle at are much funnier.

I managed to make it all week without getting sunburned, only to get sunburnt yesterday standing at the finish line for a 100-mile bike race our friend completed.

I am so happy to be reunited with my Keurig.

Even though I was at church camp, I got behind on my daily Bible reading last week… for the first time all year.  I plan to catch up this week.

I had a lot of tomato plants die while I was gone.  Okra plants are looking good, though.

I get to see my sweet nephews today.  Here is one of the newborn pictures I took last week before I left town:


Isn’t he so very precious???

My girls get to meet him for the first time today.  They are beyond excited!

I am way overdue on a trip to the grocery store, but I really need to clean out my fridge first, and am just not feeling it.

Have you seen the “new” vintage blue ball jars in the stores?  I bought a small case… love them!

Parenting is hard.

My kids are third-generation Camp Bandina campers.  I love that!


That tree on their shirts?  It’s an image of THIS tree down at the river… cool, huh?


The girls’ performances of the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe were stellar!  So much fun.  Only two more weeks until the next performance – Sound of Music… so our calendars are still full of rehearsals.  While it’s been fun, I’m pretty sure we won’t be doing two shows at once again.  It’s just too much.

For those of you who came to support the girls… thank you SO MUCH.  They really get excited when they have fans in the audience.  I appreciate every single one of you for taking the time out of your lives to come.

Have a wonderful week, friends!!

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