Monday Musings

Happy Monday, friends.

So, things with the kitty are going well.  So far, so good with #3’s allergies.  The girls are loving having her here, and I must admit, she’s pretty cute.  Let me introduce Luna:


I went for my annual checkup appointment with MDAnderson last week.  All is well.  I graduated to the “Survivor” program, which means CT scans every other year instead of every year (yay!) but other than that not much will change.  The PA told me to lose weight… nothing new there either.  All the things he was telling me to do are things I know already, and actually have done off and on… it’s just so hard to implement and a constant struggle for me.  Why must I enjoy eating so much?

This weekend, my younger two were away at church camp.  While they are away having a blast, my oldest reveled in her alone time with mom and dad.  Here she is acting silly.  Remember, she’s my drama queen…and getting way too grown up.


So, because I don’t have anything else taking up my time, I’ve acquired a new addiction.  As all additions, it started innocently enough.  I started playing a game on the iPad that my kids have been playing just to see what the hype was all about.  And now I’m hooked.  The game is called Dragonvale.  I can stop anytime I want.  Honest.

Last week the girls and I went around town delivering these homemade cookies to people in the community — people that would recognize us somewhat so that they wouldn’t just throw them out — librarians, bank tellers, our Sonic carhops, etc…. *smile*  It’s always so much fun to do things like this.  The girls love brightening others’ days!


When we were brainstorming ideas for camp counselor gifts last week, this conversation took place in the back seat.  Cracked me up.
C: “Is there a book that’s just made up of memory verses?”
L: “Uh… yeah. It’s called the Bible.”

This is our last week of school!  My oldest is finished with all her lessons, and the younger two just have to wrap up their History course.  We are still going to complete the read-aloud we are currently reading and continue to work on math facts through the summer.

I love to sing.

That is all.  Have a great week friends!

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