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So, in a temporary lapse of judgement/resolve/whatever, I relented to the four pleading sets of eyes yesterday and we are pending approval for the adoption of a kitten.

Yes, my youngest is allergic to cats.  But not crazy allergic, as she is with some things, and she’s currently improving due to allergy shots.  This is what my husband’s opinion is anyway.  And if problems arise, we will acclimate the cat to be an outdoor cat.

In related news, my children have been going through a lot emotionally lately.  Maybe that’s why my defenses were down on the kitten issue.

It’s really cute.

Last week, my children “rescued” this duckling who was being picked on by bigger “teenager” ducklings with no mama in sight.


Unfortunately, the duckling wasn’t old enough to be away from Mama Duck and didn’t survive the day.  That, or it was handled too much by well-meaning children who hurt it… but we’re going with the first, because they were sad enough already about the demise of said duckling.

In other news… one of our butterflies has hatched!  (Remember the caterpillar we found on the dill in the garden?)


We let it go in the garden.  The other one is close behind it!


Actually, right as I was typing this, one of the children yelled from the other room that the other butterfly just emerged from its chrysalis.  Funny.

And we just saw some baby blue jays in the front yard.  It’s a regular menagerie around her.

This past weekend, I spent over 3 hours just cleaning my bathroom.  Sadly, that tells you what kind of shape it was in.  I bought some cute little bins from the dollar store to organize all the “stuff” in the linen closet.

closetmayI’m quite proud of myself.

Now all I want to do is just sit in the bathroom and pretend that the rest of my house is just as clean.  Please tell me I’m not the only one that does that?

We are winding down our school year.  My oldest has all her hours in and about 5 lessons left, and with the younger two, we just have to finish our History lessons, and we’ll be good for the year.  I am going to continue some math practice through the summer to reenforce multiplication facts, but other than that, we’ll be done in about a week.

Lots of things to do today, so I’ve got to run.  Fortunately, my children are motivated to help me clean because of the impending arrival of the kitten.

They’ve already named it Luna.


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